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‘Gracias Madre’ for Jason Eisner’s Killer Cocktails!

on 24/08/16 at 10:55 am

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MJ cocktail

Sour T-iesel

Jason Eisner is one busy focused creative bartender and business entrepreneur. Early mornings, I would run into him at Civil Coffee in Highland Park, always friendly and gracious even though he had a million things on his plate. So, of course, I asked him to do an interview and chat about his ‘cannabis’ cocktail menu starting with that gorgeous looking cocktail, the Sour T-iesel, with its emblematic marijuana leaf beautifully inscribed with matcha green tea powder laying on a foamy white cloud of emulsified aquafaba, a vegan egg white substitute. Uh huh. And as good-natured as he is, Jason put one more thing on that plate and we did a very tasty interview and cocktail tasting of his innovative CBD Cocktails. I’ll get to what CBD is in a minute.

There’s been an elevated buzz about the ‘new cannabis cocktails’ and sad (for those with other expectations) to report that these cocktails will not make you high…at least not from cannabis. In fact, cannabis as we know it, is not actually used in these preparations but CBD, or Cannabidiol, is, as explained on the cocktail menu.

                                     “CBD is an essential oil that is cold pressed extracted from the Cannabis plant.
                                     It is scientifically proven to have a variety of health benefits, and is know to be
                                     anti-anxiety, mood elevating, anti-inflammatory and an anti-depressant. Unlike
                                     other compounds associated with the effects of Cannabis, CBD is non-psychoactive
                                     and is used in our cocktails for its health benefits and unique flavor profile.
                                                                                        Cheers to high vibes!”

Negroni Gracias

Stoney Negroni

The CBD is extracted from the stalk of the plant, not the flower, thereby making it legal to use. It’s then cold-pressed and made into a tincture which can be alcohol or oil based, 25 milligrams are used in each cocktail. It tastes quite delicious and definitely has culinary applications. Try it in your porridge.

Gracis PuffPuff

Rolled Fashioned

Jason’s mission as a person and as a bartender is to care for and coddle his customers in the best way possible providing them with healthy, sustainable, organic and, last but not least, really delicious drinks. His ultimate goal is for his guests to enjoy a feeling of well-being and, having tasted all three of the CBD cocktails on the menu, I can attest to that lovely, elusive feeling of well-being. The Stoney Negroni, a lovely riff on a Negroni made with Contratto Aperitvo instead of Campari and, of course, the tincture of CBD. The aforementioned Sour T-iesel…a joy to look at and to drink. And, my personal favorite, the Rolled Fashioned made with mezcal anejo, bourbon, sarsaparilla, aromatic herbs and CBD. Loved it! A yummy little vegan churro, in a dime bag, is fastened to the side of the glass with a tiny clothespin. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. Drinks should make you happy, right? Well, these do exceedingly well.

What’s next for Gracias Madre? Look for a new Gracias Madre to open in the heart of Beverly Hills sometime within a year.

Now, go get a wonderful drink at Gracias Madre in West Hollywood. It happens to be a gorgeous restaurant.

Jason Eisner

Jason Eisner

8905 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069