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20 Craft Beers To Drink During The NFL Playoffs

on 07/01/13 at 12:28 pm


a1Because your team will likely lose. But drink up!

The NFL playoffs begin this weekend and run until the Super Bowl on February 3. First off, sorry Giants and Lions fans. Your return ticket to the postseason was apparently lost in the mail. But we’re sure some of you are planning to watch these athletic contests, hopefully with plenty of beer involved. Beer, you see, makes losing in the first round of the playoffs feel a little better. You listening, Seahawks fans? With that, here are 20 craft beers to seek out.

1. Brooklyn Sorachi Ace This is one of our favorite release from Brooklyn Brewery. The namesake Japanese hop gives this hazy, dirty-gold saison the bright bouquet of lemons and a slight but pleasing buttery flavor. Plenty of floral, peppery flavors keep the vigorously carbonated Sorachi grounded, helping it close out crisp.

2. Narragansett Porter Though once close to death, the classic Rhode Island brand has had a revival in recent years thanks to beers like this terrific winter seasonal. The deep-black brew is topped by a luscious tan head and boasts a bouquet of coffee and milk chocolate. The porter drinks crisp and creamy, with a touch of roast and hop bitterness to balance out the cocoa.

3. Surly Brewing Coffee Bender 
For each batch of Minnesota-based Surly’s Coffee Bender, the porter­–brown ale hybrid is cold-steeped with micro-batches of locally roasted Guatemalan coffee beans, creating a malty, robust easy-drinker with a lingering hop finish and barely any bitterness.

4. Bear Republic Brewing Hop Rod Rye
Rev your engines with this deeply amber ale with a thick, tan head and lacing as sticky as cotton candy. The hard-charging hoppy, floral aroma—citrus, pine—contains hints of caramel and spice. Taste-wise, a sweet-spicy profile and an earthy finish balance the bitterness out.