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2012 US Open Beer Championship – Entries by July 12, 2012

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Atlanta, GA – June 12, 2012 – The entry date for the 2012 United States Open Beer Championship is July 12, 2012 with the winners being announced on July 31, 2012. The U.S. Open is the only brewery competition to include professional breweries and national award-winning home brewers. This year, the competition will judge beers in 65 categories including one non-alcohol category, Root Beer.

New Sponsor – The Beer Connoisseur Magazine

The U.S. Open is proud to announce that The Beer Connoisseur Magazine will be sponsoring this years competition. The Beer Connoisseur is the leading consumer educator of the cutting-edge beer industry for the novice and connoisseur. It quenches every aspect of the beer lover’s thirst for knowledge, style and sophistication.

Canadian Drop Off Point

Thanks to Niagara College Teaching Brewery and Taps Brewing for setting up a Canadian drop off in Niagara Falls,  ON.  For more details, email Dow Scoggins at dow_scoggins@hotmail.com.

Call for Entries   The deadline for entries for the United States Open Beer Championships will be July 12th. Winners will be announced July 31st. Each brewery may enter a maximum of 10 beers. In order to help small brewers in these tough economic times, each brewery will be allowed to enter 2 beers with no entry fee. If a brewery wishes to enter more than 2 beers, there will be a $50 entry fee per beer. A brewery must submit a minimum of 5 beers to be considered one of the Top Ten Breweries. Entry Forms and Rules can be found on the competition’s website at U.S. Open Registration.

Over 60 categories will be judged. Winners will receive a medal in the shape of a beer stein for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Beers placing in the top 10 of each category and top 10 breweries overall will be featured in America’s Best and Top 10 as well as BeerInfo.com. Along with the medals awarded, a Grand National Champion accolade will be awarded based on a point system for beers (5 minimum) entered in the competition.

To see last year’s individual winning brews and other winners’ and entrants’ details go to www.USOpenBeer.com. The United States Open Beer Championship invites more than 1,000 hailing from over 30 countries as well as the 29 National Homebrewing Champions from the United States and Canada to participate. 

Registration Form Link

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2011 Winners Link

For more information:

Dow Scoggins

Director: U.S. Open Beer Championship


Email: dow_scoggins@hotmail.com

SOURCE: TheFullPint.com