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5 More Beers to Pair with Thanksgiving Turkey

on 18/11/10 at 3:43 pm

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Just like thousands of others across the country, you have meticulously planned your Thanksgiving menu. The perfect sweet potatoes, stuffing and, of course, turkey have all been purchased and await their moment to help you appear more like a culinary genius than panic-stricken servant. But don’t forget the ideal beverage to pair with your feast–BEER.

The turkey, hopefully, will have a nicely caramelized skin with deep roasted flavors which require a beer that will stand up to, but not overpower, them. Brown ales, dark lagers and seasonally-spiced brews all work well with Thanksgiving fare. The following list of beers will pair perfectly with your Thanksgiving turkey and leave you looking like a gastronomic super star!

Alaskan Amber

This award-winning brew is smooth and richly malted making it an ideal for roasted meats and vegetables, while the balance ensures that your guests will still be drinking it long after the turkey has been devoured.

Dogfish Head Punkin’ Ale

This full-bodied brown ale is an ideal Thanksgiving brew thanks to hints of pumpkin and brown sugar. While it usually sells out fast, this seasonal beer has a smooth finish with just a touch of spice making it a delicious compliment to hearty meats and rich dishes.

Newcastle Brown Ale
Newcastle has always been one of my favorite beers for any occasion. The malty aroma and nutty finish make a great pairing with nearly all of the tradition Thanksgiving flavors but especially smoked meats and cheeses.

Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic

Plenty of tartness with a complex variety of flavors make this beer a natural choice for Thanksgiving. While slightly sour in the traditional lambic style, the rich flavors and crisp finish are ideal with roasted meats. If your guests lean more toward American lager in a can, this might not be the best pairing for your meal. But for the more advanced and adventurous palates it is an ideal choice.

New Belgium Trippel

This is a big Belgian ale with a serious 7.8% ABV, but is amazingly smooth with just a hint of coriander in the finish. The Trippel opens up with a punch of hops that slowly fades allowing some of the great fruit notes to shine through. This brew is perfect with earthy dishes, cheese and wild game.

We all know there is one in every group–someone who absolutely refuses to drink beer. While these creatures generally bring along a bottle of chardonnay so big and over-oaked it barely fits through the front door, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared this Thanksgiving.

Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider is a natural autumnal flavor that pairs well with roasted bird. The amber-colored cider with sweet but crisp apple flavor that finishes with a touch of spice is a great compliment to nearly all Thanksgiving flavors.

Joshua Darnell is the Merchandising Team Lead for FoodServiceWarehouse.com, a foodservice equipment and supply provider that also specializes in industry education. He writes the Gin & Bear It blog which incorporates his more than 13 years of bartending and serving experience with his passion for both spirits and the stories they inspire.

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