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AB InBev Trademarking Area Codes for Crappy Beer

on 07/07/11 at 12:18 pm


Anheuser-Busch is counting on civic pride to make its next product a smash seller: beer named after America’s various beer-drinking cities, based on their area codes.

To that end, AB has already applied for a federal trademark for “713” for Houston, reports Craft Business Daily, as well as 314 for St. Louis, 303 for Denver and 214 for Dallas.

And while it’s a proven fact that Houstonians are easy targets for anything that bears our area code — much like Texans are easy prey for advertisers who hawk their product as the “best in Texas” or decorate it with a Lone Star flag — there’s uneasy concern in the craft beer world that the beer giant is simply exploiting this tendency to sell a low-quality product and undermine craft brewing in the process.

“The AB-InBev move to trademark area codes is a marketing strategy that reflects the push-back of the craft beer community in the movement to drink local, craft beer as opposed to foreign-owned mass-produced products,” said Leslie Sprague, who runs the Houston craft beer blog Lushtastic.

{FULL STORY via Houston Press}

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