Barney's Beanery measures Whitman vs. Brown race in pre-election 'Rock the Beer Vote' event

on 22/10/10 at 11:57 pm


Barney’s Beanery, nearing its 90th anniversary of roadhouse business, will be hosting its third “Rock the Beer Vote” with patrons getting a head start and casting their votes beginning on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

Just as was done during the Obama-McCain competition, where thousands cast their publicly tallied votes on video screens prior to the election, California’s gubernatorial and Senate candidates will be assigned a premium brand beer with brews sold at $3-a-glass (to promote continuous voting). The colorful photo images of Jerry Brown (Miller Lite) or Meg Whitman (Bud Light) and Barbara Boxer (Heineken) or Carly Fiorina (Stella Artois) will grace each beer tap. At the five Roadhouses, bartenders will be officials monitoring the vote count with perhaps a little disregard for accuracy.

Better than any exit poll data, this method of calculating the vote allows people to have fun and voice their opinions (loudly if need be) while they vote.

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