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Beer Sales In Canada Are Drying Up During The NHL Lockout

on 09/11/12 at 9:45 am


Lost in the glamour of a newly-christened NBA season comes yet another harsh reality of a winter without the NHL: lagging Canadian beer sales.

Hockey season is a time when our northern neighbors cozy up with the cheap brews to enjoy the nation’s game.

But with empty arenas and bars, and Red Green Show re-runs on TV, Molson Coors Brewing Co. is reporting overall sales have flat lined.

Naturally, it seems a nation of frenzied hockey fans would mean the best of both worlds for breweries: drink with fervor during a normal season, or drink out of despair over another one lost.

But perhaps in the latter case, fans are turning to something stronger to drown their sorrows—anyone checked on Canadian whiskey sales lately?