A Beer Sommelier's Guide to Drinking While Eating

on 30/09/10 at 5:52 pm


What to pair with your delicious food? Why beer, of course.

So it’s New York Craft Beer Week, and if there’s any celebration we’re good for, it’s a celebration of beer. Really, really good beer. Of the weeklong festivities, we stopped by the Get Real NY Craft Beer and Food Festival over the weekend, where we ran into Bill Sysak, Beverage Supervisor and Certified Cicerone of Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens in California. He taught us a few rules about pairing beer with food:

Beer Is Better Than Wine

“Nothing beats beer and food. And the reason being β€” there’s some simple facts. One: There’s bitterness in beer, which cuts through all the fat. You don’t always have that in wines, and you definitely don’t have that in spirits. There is carbonation in beer, even in real ales. And the carbonation in beer refreshes the palette every time you take a drink. You have sweetness in beer that cuts through the hottest chilies. That’s what makes beer such a great, unique pairing style.”


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