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Big Craft Brewery, Oskar Blues, Buys Small Craft Brewery

on 30/04/15 at 11:26 am


oskarblues_perrinColorado-based brewery Oskar Blues will continue its growth in the craft beer scene thanks to its recent purchase of Perrin Brewing Co., located in a small farming community 10 miles north of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

While large multinational beverage companies are devouring independent breweries at a quickening rate, craft breweries buying out their own kind is an almost unheard of practice (almost), and the deal’s undisclosed financial terms have piqued followers’ suspicions.

After launching a collaboration lager in December 2014, the breweries began planning a partnership to help both parties thrive during a time of rising competition by combining the experience and resources of Oskar Blues with the growth potential of Perrin Brewing’s strong local following.