Boo Alberta: High-alcohol beer not allowed on store shelves

on 03/12/10 at 12:03 pm


If you’re a fan of upscale brews, you might want to stock up at your local liquor store because once they are gone from the shelves, they are gone for good.

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission has banned the sale of beers with alcohol content higher than 11.9 per cent — a move that caught some vendors off guard.

“Any available for sale in Alberta can continue to be sold until the inventory is gone,” said Lynn Hutchings-Mah, a commission spokeswoman.

Hutchings-Mah said there are a number of reasons for the ban, including concern over young people “binge drinking” on the higher-alcohol content beer and recent brewery requests to make beer with 18 or 19 per cent alcohol.
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