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‘Breaking Bad’ get its own tribute beer

on 09/07/13 at 4:27 pm


6C8191278-tdy-130708-breaking-bad.blocks_desktop_largeAnyone who’s up to date with the hit AMC show “Breaking Bad” (and shame on you if you’re not) knows things are about to get nuts.

Super-cop Hank is onto Walt, Jessie wants to take the money and run, Mike is taking a “nap” down by the river, and Skyler is not-so-quietly rooting for Walt’s cancer to return and free her from the grim prison their marriage has become.

When things get this crazy, it’s a good time to take a deep breath and have a nice beer, and that’s just what Walt, Jessie, Skyler and Hank can do (but not poor Mike – he’d leak!) right there in Albuquerque where “Breaking Bad” is filmed, at Marble Brewery. In fact, they can enjoy a pair of beers inspired by the two sides of Walter White’s family man/drug lord persona.

“We came up with the idea at the last minute as a way of paying tribute to the show,” Marble Brewery co-founder and brew master Ted Rice told TODAY.com.

There’s a 6.5 percent ABV India Black Ale called Heisenberg’s Dark, which Rice says has a roasty malt profile and lovely citrus punch courtesy of Australian Galaxy hops. This brooding beer captures the darkness that’s taken over Mr. White’s life – no word if each glass comes with a black pork pie hat and a pair of shades, but it should.