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Brewbot allows you to download, brew & drink beer right in your own home

on 15/09/14 at 12:06 pm


9e0105c5ff28aa8c891849509ea3ebf9_largeIt’s not easy getting that same craft beer experience at home as it is from a bar or a brewery. Your choices are pretty much buying some craft beer in a six-pack or installing a fancy schmancy set of taps in your house, which isn’t cheap. Neither of these options really capture the flavor and uniqueness of a well-crafted beer.

But who says we can’t have our beer and drink it too? This is the digital age where someone is always thinking up some crazy gadget to make our lives easier, better and tastier.

That’s where Brewbot comes in. Brewbot is a machine and app that lets you brew your own craft beer right in the comfort of your own home. OK, so this is one more piece of evidence that shows robots really are taking over our jobs — and effectively — the world. Even so, Brewbot is as awesome as it sounds, you guys.

The whole set-up includes an app that has a database of beers to choose from. After you select the one you want to make, you just follow the ingredients and recipe from the app, using the Brewbot machine to make your special brew. Brewbot uses sensory technology to keep track of every step of the brewing process and finally sends you a notification when your concoction is ready to drink.