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Bull S**t Brewer Behind ‘Mouth Raper’ Beer Denies Involvement

on 25/01/14 at 11:36 am


indexHop Valley, the brewer behind a beer either offhandedly or deliberately named “Mouth Raper” (depending on who you believe) responded to a recent Jezebel article on the issue, denying the beer in question was ever called that. However, a current employee of the brewer disputes their claim.

After the article ran, Hop Valley pulled the beer in question and, via their Facebook page, issued this statement:

We have a series of draft beers named Mr. Orange, Mr. Black and Mr. IPA. It has come to our attention that an urban myth and street name has emerged surrounding Mr. IPA. We take this very seriously and are sensitive to these issues. Accordingly, we have pulled the product and are instructing our distributors to replace any remaining kegs with other offerings. We apologize for any harm or misunderstandings this has created.

Except, not so fast says an employee who contacted me after reading the original story:

[The] brewers really were calling it Mouth Raper. I was having a stressful day the day that was tapped and one of the brewers said, “oh you need to go in the walk in and try that raper.” That made me uncomfortable, but…I wasn’t trying to stir up trouble…so I didn’t say anything.

It’s an endless string of dudebro, douchey bullshit around there. I just called it “Mouth…Ruiner” rather than say that terrible trigger word to any customers if it being an acronym came up.

More details about the beer: it was originally brewed for the GABF imperial ipa category. Beers need TTB approval to cross state lines so it was entered as MR IPA (but not “Mr. IPA”) We do also have beers called Mr. Orange and Mr. Black but I am 100% certain among the brewers, my staff, and apparently also some of our accounts, the “real” name was indeed Mouth Raper.


COMMENT from ottowan:

I’m a dude. I’m a bro and a bro-in-law. I had friends in frats growing up. I like boobs and all the concomitant stuff to being a cis-het guy in his mid-30’s in 2014.

I’m standing up to say, i am fucking sick of rape jokes, or jokey rape references, or douchey internet rape threats, or generally making fun of non-consensual sex violence. Beyond the main, unforgivable things like that the rate of sex assault pretty much guaranteeing you’re laughing at the lived painful experience of someone in your audience, or that you’re reinforcing a power structure that while terrorizing women, also limits men and fucks up yet another generation of young boys.

Beyond all the very excellent sociological reasons to be against rape humour, I’m also sick of rape jokes because there are no new rape jokes and they were never funny in the first fucking place. Ever – the only humour was shock, and shock isn’t actually funny – it just makes you laugh uncomfortably to try to avoid out-grouping by your peers.

it’s done, it’s not funny, they never were funny, and they’ve all been told. don’t tell rape jokers you’re offended – that fuels it. tell them you’re fucking bored by their lame high school rehashed jokes. and then kick them in the nuts because let’s face it, the person telling rape jokes probably has/is a dick.