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California resolution declares February to be Craft Beer Month

on 26/02/12 at 12:15 pm


The California tourism commercials we all know and love (“Come to Caleeforneea”) are about to get better. This week the California Senate passed a resolution to declare February “Craft Beer Month.”

Craft Beer Week California declares February to be Craft Beer Month
The vote to get hammered for a month passed 36-0, and is allegedly to honor how important California has been in the evolution of craft brewing. They’re basically patting themselves on the back, and toasting with a beer. To be honest, I’m fine with that. Any excuse to drink is a good one, and now you can do so without reservations for 28/29 days per year. If it were me though, I would have declared June, July, and August to be “Craft Beer Season” instead of picking the shortest month.

If you want to read about how awesome they believe themselves to be, you can check out the actual resolution here.

SOURCE: guyism.com

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