Canada: Brewers win beer label battle – for now

on 16/02/11 at 12:36 pm


Brewers have won their push – for now – to have beer exempt from new allergen food labelling legislation.

Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced new label laws on Monday that would force food and beverage manufacturers to clearly declare allergens in the ingredient list on their products.

But the Brewers Association of Canada has maintained beer manufacturers would take a financial hit for something that affects only a fraction of the population.

Beer, which contains barley or wheat, can make people with a gluten intolerance sick.

“Canadians know there’s barley in beer,” said the industry group’s director of public relations, Andre Fortin. “They don’t need the government to tell them that.”

But Aglukkaq warned the door wasn’t shut on having beer companies adding allergen warnings on their labels, noting the government was still holding consultations on the matter.

{Full story via Toronto Sun}

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