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Carlsberg drops “probably best” slogan in brand relaunch

on 07/04/11 at 9:42 am


Carlsberg has abandoned its slogan “probably the best beer in the world” in a rebranding that the Danish brewer thinks will help double the brand’s profits by 2015.

In place of the iconic slogan, Carlsberg has opted for a new tagline – “That calls for a Carlsberg”. The brand idea is to encourage consumers “to step up and do the right thing” and then reward themselves with a Carlsberg.

Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen, Carlsberg’s CEO, explained what the company is looking to achieve.

“People are familiar with Carlsberg but do not necessarily know what it represents. We want people to know that Carlsberg beer stands for something – for heritage, for quality, for great taste and for doing the right thing.”

Turning brand recognition into sales

The brewer also wants to turn the rebranding into higher sales and profits. It has set a target of doubling profits over the next four years and said its ambition is to be the fastest growing global beer company.

Carlsberg feels that it is not achieving the sales it should given its current brand recognition.

“While Carlsberg’s famous green logo is known all over the world, its sales simply do not measure up to its brand recognition.”

Kevin Baker, a beer analyst at Canadean, said this could be said of many of the biggest beer brands because the big growth markets like China are dominated by local brands.

He told BeverageDaily.com that because they have sought to maintain a premium positioning the biggest beer brands have not performed well in emerging markets in volume terms.

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