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Diageo To Produce Own Craft Beer

on 17/02/15 at 12:03 pm


indexDiageo, a major producer of beer (Guinness, Harp, Red Stripe, Smithwick’s) and the world’s largest producer of spirits (with a list that probably makes up 80% of your local liquor store shelves), has decided to take a foray into craft beer with the new brewery, Thump Keg Brewing Co. It should be no secret that their macro brands are losing sales (as are all macros), and so the obvious next step would be to try out what is selling.

Unlike other alcohol mogul InBev, however, Diageo is actually starting from scratch—well, as ‘scratch’ as a multi-billion-dollar international company can. They are building Thump Keg from the ground up, and are actually using an interesting approach to the beers they’ll make. Each beer in the Thump Keg line will use the same grain recipe or mash bill as a popular distilled spirit from the Diageo line.