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Fifty Fifty Brewing: Release of 2011 futures of Eclipse Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

on 15/04/11 at 11:37 am



For a limited time only, you can reserve your bottles of 2011 Eclipse for a discount off the final retail price. 50% down at time of order, with the remainder due at product pickup. Limited quantities of the following styles are available as futures:

  • Elijah Craig 12 year Barrel ($20/btl, $10 down, limit 24)
  • Four Roses Single Barrel ($20/btl, $10 down, limit 12)
  • Rittenhouse Rye Barrel ($20/btl, $10 down, limit 12)
  • Elijah Craig 20 year Barrel ($22/btl, $11 down, limit 12)
  • Brandy Barrel Blend ($22/btl, $11 down, limit 6)
  • Buffalo Trace Barrel Blend ($22/btl, $11 down, limit 4)
  • Brewmaster’s Grand Cru Blend – A blend from selected barrels of 2011 Eclipse chosen by the Brewmaster ($24/btl, $12 down, limit 2)

Futures can be ordered one of three ways: (1) in person at the brewery; (2) Call the brewery at 530.587.BEER (but please not during peak dinner hours on Friday/Saturday nights); (3) Complete the ORDER FORM and email to info@fiftyfiftybrewing.com.

PLEASE NOTE – we will not be taking any orders or reservations until 12:01am on April 15th. Bottles can only be shipped within the state of California. Product release will be in early December. Sales tax and shipping due with final payment. Supplies will run out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Can I have someone else pick up my futures for me?”

  • Yes! All they will need is a copy of your certificate. Certificates get mailed out within a couple weeks of processing your order.
  • “Can I have them shipped to a friend in CA?”

  • Yes! Just fill out the appropriate shipping address on the form.
  • “What is the difference between mailing address and shipping address?”

  • The mailing address is where you would like your certificate mailed. The shipping address is where you would you like your actual beer shipped to if applicable. If it is the same as the mailing address, simply put “Same”.
  • “I would prefer not to email my credit card information. How do I go about paying for my futures if I am ordering via email?”

  • Just make sure you have put your phone number on your form, and we will call you to arrange payment over the phone.
  • “What if I’m unsure of if I want to pick them up, or if I want them shipped, or where I want them shipped?”

  • No problem! Just give it your best guess for now, and you can change your method of delivery up until November 25th, 2011. That is when we will be finalizing all of our logistics.
  • “If I choose to pick them up, how long do I have to come get them?”

  • We ask that all futures be claimed by January 15th, 2012.
  • “What is the cost for shipping and handling?”

  • Based on current FedEx rates, the following are ESTIMATES… Bay Area = $23 for 6 bottles, $28 for 12 bottles; and to Souther California = $24 for 6 bottles, $30 for 12 bottles.


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