Game of Thrones Beer is On its Way

on 17/12/12 at 3:29 pm


Somebody knows their demographic, very, very well.  Upscale geek, we call it. We like our games at least relatively thoughtful and our fantasy epics high-budget.

And we like our beer craft. The New York Times is reporting that HBO and Ommegang brewery are about to announce a new line of beer based on Game of Thrones.

Their first beer will be Iron Throne Blonde Ale. I’m hoping for something with the power and flavor you could expect from the seat of the King of Westeros, but a little more appropriate to the southern climes. An unfiltered blonde would feel about right. I’d expect some kind of porter coming out of the North, maybe an Iron Born Pale Ale? Something citrusy out of Qarth. Something spicy for our young dragons, perhaps. Whatever it is, I see big sales for Ommegang in the future.