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Gifts for the beer lover

on 19/12/11 at 12:59 pm


Kevin Diedrich, the bar manager of Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen in San Francisco, has made a list (and checked it twice) for a very hoppy holiday season.

1. Give the gift that gives every month!
“Sign them up for a monthly beer club. My favorite site is the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club. You can choose from four different membership types. Expand your palate and your home bar month to month.”

2. Buy them the Michael Jackson (not the singer) “Ultimate Beer” book
“Michael Jackson has written some of the best beer books and whiskey books of all time. Plenty of color pictures for the visual learners and lots of useful facts for the geek. The books aren’t in print anymore and are a bit hard to find now. But definitely worth the time and money to find.”

3. For the beginner: a homebrew kit
“I’ve found that Name Your Link""” target=”_blank”>BeerKoozies.com is the site to hit up.”

5. Arrange a tour of your local or favorite brewery
“Breweries always have the hidden gems on site and a lot of geeky beers that aren’t sold to the public. This is the most fun, to see the beer being made, smelling all the hops and then drinking all the finished product.”


SOURCE: Eatocracy

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