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Going to the UK? Top ten London beer bars

on 01/04/11 at 10:58 am


These are buzzing times for beer drinkers living in London, of that there’s no doubt.

Not content with spawning a new wave of craft brewers and micros such as Camden and Kernel, the Capital has also produced a fresh breed of new specialist beer venues spreading the gospel of good beer drinking.

Bars such as the Rake in Borough Market and the White Horse in Parsons Green are no longer ploughing a lonely furrow.

A handful of new beer bars are doing more than merely hailing the ale and catering for the CAMRA contingent. They epitomise all that’s exciting and innovative about the global beer scene – be it in cask or in keg, bottom or top fermented or from Britain or abroad.

Crucially, and key in attracting new drinkers to the joys of beer, the focus on beer does not come at the expense of ambiance and atmosphere. Traditionalists may tut at the notion, but good beer alone does not make a decent pub or bar.

So, if you’re in London and if you like beer, you may want to check the following out:

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

Don’t be hoodwinked by the inauspicious exterior, for inside this corner pub in Pimlico, located on the edge of a council estate, lies a blissful beervana.

What surely must be the most bountiful collection of beers in London boasts more than 400 bottled varieties, around a dozen real ales and a further ten keg beers on draught.

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