Google to launch Limited Edition Beer – URKontinent

on 04/10/11 at 3:45 pm


Yes, you got that right. Our favorite search engine, has decided on brewing a small batch of limited edition beer. And unlike a namesake beer which would only have a Google logo on it, this beer actually involves the complete co-operation as well as a serious effort from Google staffers. Providing the know how shall be craft beer pioneer – Dogfish Head resulting in a beer that has been named as the URKontinent. The name URKontinent is inspired from the original super-continent that predates even Pangaea.

Thousands of Google employees across the glove were surveyed for their preferences and what they would like to see in a Google beer. Finally, a smaller dedicated team from the big G worked with Dogfish Head to refine the concept, create the recipe and finally start getting the ingredients (no mean task – just keep reading) and finally brew the concoction that they had come up with.

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