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Green Flash Brewery Acquires Alpine Beer

on 11/11/14 at 12:10 pm


alpineGFPartnership leaves intact each brewery’s staff and beer portfolios.

Alpine Beer has been acquired by Green Flash, which intends to increase production of the little East County brewery’s popular but hard-to-find ales.

The agreement, signed Monday as the local industry celebrated San Diego Beer Week, means Green Flash will begin bottling Alpine beers in 2015. Each brewery will continue to make its own distinct beers, using different recipes and labels. Green Flash co-founders Mike and Lisa Hinkley will remain in control of Green Flash’s beers; Alpine co-founders Pat and Val McIlhenney retain control of their brews.

Both sides predicted a long and happy marriage.

“It will be one company with a subsidiary — Alpine Beer,” Pat McIlhenney said.

“Being able to produce and distribute Alpine beers across our market,” Hinkley said, “that will create financial success for us.”

On paper, this union may look like a mismatch. Green Flash, on track to produce 65,000 barrels of beer in 2014, is about 20 times larger than Alpine.

Yet this tiny brewery has a giant reputation. When the website Beer Advocate recently asked its international audience to name the world’s best 250 beers, Alpine scored with popular IPAs like Nelson and Duet, plus six more ales. (Green Flash made this list, too, with its Silva Stout.)