Have You Been The Victim Of These Four Sins of Beer Service?

on 13/07/13 at 10:55 am

Flat Beer Edited_0970

Flat Beer

–   Bubbles stuck on glass in liquid beer indicate the presence of dried on beer or other soil.

–   Really bad if you see lines, patches or sections of bubbles on the glass

–   Just as bad as lipstick or lip marks on the rim

Cause: gunk on inside of glass creates a “nucleation” point—a gathering place for CO2 bubbles.

Bottom line: Bubbles do not stick to CLEAN glass.

2.   Undercarbonated beer:

–    Pours with no foaming in the glass

–    Micro-thin head

–    Very little “prickle” on the tongue

Cause: low CO2 pressure on keg, improper gas mix (nitrogen/carbon dioxide)

Bottom line: Beer that lacks adequate carbonation doesn’t taste right.