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Hoppy IPA Day! Celebrate with 6 styles of the beer

on 01/08/13 at 10:49 am



According to the most recent Symphony IRI Group Data, the IPA is single most popular style of craft beer in America, and the one whose popularity is rising the fastest.

With so much demand for tasty IPAs in the marketplace, you can be sure that American craft brewers are hard at work to satisfy the growing thirst for this style of beer.

But these brewers get bored with established beers styles, so they begin to tweak recipes and ingredients, morphing them into something new and unique. Because of this, many delicious variations of the IPA have emerged, each with a distinctive twist all its own.

Here’s a rundown of six IPA styles you’re likely to find at your local bottle shop, each a great option to hoist on IPA Day.