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How many beers can you drink in 7 hours?

on 06/06/11 at 10:19 am

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Happy campers!

Oh boy. The ColLAboration craft beer garden pop-up event this past Saturday in LA  couldn’t have been more delicious! The weather cooperated, not too hot, and beer seems to chill people out in the most convivial way. While I didn’t stay for the entire seven hours, I, amazingly, stayed for five serene hours and imbibed some seriously delicious beer.

Order from menus along the fence

The set-up was nicely organized with beer trucks and taps parked around the huge lot, tables with numbers set up under a very large tent and restaurant food options placed optimally so people could order directly and have their food delivered to their table number. Is this making sense?!

Oh, and plenty of johnny-on-the spots cause, as you know, beer needs to expelled and replaced. Fittingly, there was a message from Bally’s looming over the loos and seen from everywhere at the event. Guess Bally’s is hoping to channel those beer-bellies into the gym.

We sampled a lot of beer in five hours, some widely available and a variety of rare beers on tap as the day progressed. Burp.

We heard they’ll be doing this every weekend in July. Hope it’s true!

Stone's Greg Koch

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Pizza delivered right to your table

Creative beer holder. The thing around his neck...not his hand.