The Innovative 'Gypsy Brewers' Shaking Up the Beer World

on 20/10/10 at 12:11 pm


“Pretty Things is one of the most sought-after new brands of beer on the East Coast. But it’s not a brewery. There’s no facility or warehouse; the entire staff consists of Dann and Martha Paquette, the owners, and Jim Barnes, the New York sales rep.

Instead, Pretty Things is part of a small but growing breed of itinerant—or gypsy—brewers, a list that includes Stillwater Artisanal Ales, based in Baltimore, and Mikkeller, from Copenhagen. Gypsy brewers invert the conventional startup model: instead of sinking close to a million dollars into equipment, leases, and payroll, they rent space, time, and often manpower from other breweries.

“Everyone has different reasons for starting this way,” Martha said, “but for us it was partly financial. We brewed our first batch and we were broke. How many conventional breweries can do that?”

{Full story via The Atlantic}

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