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Kendall College Craft Beer Business Infographic

on 09/09/13 at 3:41 pm


KC-beer-infoAt Kendall College, students pursuing degrees in Hospitality Management have a variety of career goals, including food and beverage manager jobs. Earlier in 2013, Kendall announced a new concentration in the School of Hospitality Management, Beverage Management, as well as a new relationship with Siebel Institute of Technology.

The School of Hospitality Management will be offering six new courses as part of a new Beverage Management concentration, including:

•    Introduction to Wines, Beer and Spirits
•    Intermediate Wines
•    Advanced Wine Knowledge
•    The Business of Beverage Management
•    Beer and Fermentation
•    Spirits and Mixology

People are enjoying craft beer more than ever as sales have been on the increase both in the United States and across the world. Assistant Professors Phil Mott and John Laloganes from The School Of  Hospitality at Kendall College have researched the rise of craft beer and put together this infographic that was put together that was based on a study they completed that details the growth of the craft beer industry in general along with interesting facts about craft beer demographics along with food pairs in which to enjoy different styles of craft beer with. Here are some of the more interesting points detailed in the study and infographic:

• 36% of consumers drink craft beer

• Nearly half (45%) of consumers would try more craft beer if they knew more about them

• Wheat beers pair well with Sushi while IPA’s go well with spicy food like curry

• Sales of craft beer in 2012 was 12 billion worldwide.  That number is expected to triple by 2017.

• Craft brewers provide an estimated 103,585 jobs in the united States alone.

• The total number of breweries in 2012 was 2,403 which is the highest number since the 1880s.