Kona Brewing Company blesses solar project

on 21/10/10 at 11:54 am


Kona Solar Blessing

Kona Brewing Company is putting the sun’s power to good use. A 228 kW solar energy generating system designed and installed by Sunetric is now fully operational and charging the brewery and pub.

“This has been a 10-year vision,” said Mattson Davis, Kona Brewing Company’s President and CEO. “We have an obligation to help the Big Island achieve energy sustainability.”

Davis said the 990 solar panels, which are affixed to the roof of an adjacent building, are providing more than 60 percent of the power needs of the brewery and the restaurant.

“It was an exciting day when we flipped the switch,” he said. “We are the first brewery in Hawaii making sun-powered beer, and our system is among the largest in the craft beer industry nationwide. It’s a great feeling!”

Davis said it was also a great feeling opening September’s utility bill, which dropped to $4,000 from $10,000 the month before.

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