Love beer? Can’t get enough? Become a Beer Judge. For real.

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In order to be a legit beer judge in America you must be certified by the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP).  Once certified, you will be amongst an elite few that are constantly being called upon to judge beer festivals.  There are several different ranks that you can attain and depending on how serious you get with it you can judge anything from a local homebrew competition to a national or international competition of professional breweries such as The World Beer Cup.

From the BJCP site:

The purpose of the Beer Judge Certification Program is to promote beer literacy and the appreciation of real beer, and to recognize beer tasting and evaluation skills. We certify and rank beer judges through an examination and monitoring process.

The BJCP was founded in 1985 and has administered the Beer Judge Examination to 6,137 individuals worldwide. 3,648 are currently active judges in the program, with 563 holding the rank of National or higher. Since we started keeping detailed records, our members have judged over 636,321 beers and we have sanctioned over 4,512 competitions.

This is incredibly awesome!  Sure, you may end up tasting some stinkers, but think of all the excellent beers that you’ll get to sample all while “working” a competition.  Can I be a professional beer judge please?

But, it’s not exactly easy to become a beer judge.

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