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Love beer? Take a beer bath – the latest in alternative medicine

on 09/09/11 at 11:13 am


KONOPKIVKA, Ukraine — Here at the Medobory Sanatorium in western Ukraine, visitors come not only to take “the waters,” but also “the beer.”

Not to drink, of course, but to bathe in.

Beer baths are just one of many unorthodox theraputic procedures offered by this no-frills, post-Soviet spa just 12 miles outside the regional center of Ternopol.

The former Soviet Union is a mecca for such off-beat healing methods.

That’s partly because the level of medicine in these countries often lags far behind that found in the West, so people turn instead to homeopathic and other unconventional remedies.

Also, there is a strong tradition of “home cures” in the countryside, where people have retained many of their traditional ways, and are not always as well-informed about modern medical practices.

According to Medobory’s promotional materials, immersing oneself in beer helps the kidneys, and aids digestion. The yeast bacteria in the swill rejuvenates the skin and calms the body, as well, it says.

It seemed to me that simply drinking it might produce at least some of those results.

But in the interests of journalistic truth, I decided to test Medobory’s theory.

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