Maryland: Wild Goose Brewery to be purchased

on 29/12/10 at 5:42 pm


Sounds like great news for fans of the just-about-written-off Wild Goose Brewery (Frederick, MD), as Logan Shaw Brewing Company, an upstart brewery out of Washington DC, has agreed to purchase the Wild Goose brand from Flying Dog Brewery.

We were first tipped off to this potential transaction from an anoymous commenter on this story.

Flying Dog Brewery inherited the Wild Goose brand as part of the purchase of the Frederick Brewing Company’s brewing facility from Snyder International in 2006, and has maintained the brand’s presence regionally ever since. As demand for Flying Dog has increased over the past year (sales are up 40% nationally, with triple digit growth regionally in the mid-Atlantic in 2010), the brewery has moved steadily toward a singular focus on the Flying Dog brand.

Flying Dog began looking for viable options to secure the future of the Wild Goose brand in February of 2010, and the brewery was specifically looking for a suitor that was interested in the continued growth and success of Wild Goose. In December 2010, Flying Dog decided that Logan Shaw was the best and most capable option to assume ownership of the Wild Goose brand.

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