Mugs for Thugs: Munich Oktoberfest Sees Rise in Assaults with Beer Glasses

on 27/09/10 at 4:52 pm


Foto: Johannes Simon/dapd A one-liter beer stein, like those used in attacks at the Oktoberfest. If used with enough force it could crack a person's skull.

While certain crimes are down at Oktoberfest this year, there have been more attacks with an unlikely, yet readily available, weapon: the one-liter beer stein. Some of the victims have been whisked away in ambulances with concussions and fractured skulls caused by fights involving the heavy glasses.

Police at the Munich Oktoberfest say crimes such as rape and theft are down this year but attacks with glass beer steins are on the rise.

The heavy glasses that hold one liter of beer are a symbol of the annual folk festival. But they can also be deadly weapons. And at this year’s fest they have already sent some to the hospital with serious injuries, such as concussions, and bleeding in the brain.

{Full story via SpiegelOnline}

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