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Nirvana! Unique SC yoga classes offer craft beer at the end

on 12/11/14 at 10:06 am


indexGREENVILLE, S.C. — The industrial fan circulates the summer air through the warehouse-turned-brewery, a bass-level sound that drowns out the ocean-like breathing among the class.

Recorded rainforest sounds are replaced with the bubbling of CO2 released from a kettle into a bucket of water. Every now and then, a towering piece of equipment will hiss.

The yoga mats, more than a dozen or so of them, are spaced about body-width apart on the concrete floor of Quest Brewing’s brewhouse. Car keys and shoes are placed on a pallet of silver kegs.

The instructor, Kate Townsend, leads the class — some whose mats are barely broken in — through the principles of the art.

Listening to your body. Finding a release in a pose. Being present in your breathing.

The hour soon passes.

The class emerges from the dormant state of Savasana, the important end point where participants reap the benefits of their practice, ready for the next stage of this uncustomary pairing: The pint of craft beer that is the “hops” in the “Hatha & Hops” yoga program every Monday night.