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Nobody Wants to Drink Michelob Ultra, Not Even the People in the Ad

on 28/03/15 at 1:36 pm


michelob fullWe’ve all been there: you’re hanging out at the beach with some buds—apparently just after a softball game or some other lame reason for you to all be wearing the same t-shirt—and you want to crack open some frosty beers to celebrate the fact that you’re all young, moderately good-looking and on a beach. And then, the worst: you realize the idiot you put in charge of bringing beer brought Michelob Ultra. So, exasperated, no one opens their beer.

You can see in the photo that no one is enthused except the jerk who brought the crappy beer. The offender, on the far left in the yellow jacket, is one of those friends who knows you’re into beer but doesn’t know anything about it himself, so he brings what he thinks is good and gets excited for you to try it. Look how excited he is!