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on 24/09/10 at 6:42 pm


The sports and beer geeks at Wired have joined forces to stage what we think is the ultimate competition: October Madness. It’s a lot like March Madness, except with two critical exceptions. First, it’s in the fall, not the springtime. Secondly, instead of college basketball teams competing against each other, we have beers.

In all, we’ve brought together 32 beers from 16 of the best breweries around, both local and from other parts of California and the West, to compete for the title of Most Wired Beer. And the best part about it is that you will help us determine the winner.

In the first round, each brewery will put two of its beers up against each other. We’ll round up a bunch of beer drinkers to have a few swigs of each and vote for their favorite. The beer with more votes at the end of the evening will move on to the second round and challenge a beer from another brewery. This starts today and will go on throughout October (and possibly early November) until we have our champion.

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