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Oskar Blues’ new beer, Pinner, gives a shout out to cannibus

on 28/01/15 at 12:53 pm


imagesIf you’ve ever popped opened a beer and smelled hints of marijuana, there’s a horticultural reason for that. Just ask Dale Katechis (he of Dale’s Pale Ale fame), who founded Colorado favorite Oskar Blues Brewery in 1997.

“Like a lot of our beers, the hop character and the aroma has always reminded people of cannabis,” Katechis told The Cannabist. “The cannabis plant and flower and the hop flower, they’re both in the family of cannabaceae, and the aromas are very similar.”

Oskar Blues’ latest brew is a shout-out to hops’ not-so-distant cousin. The new year-round brew, Pinner, is a session beer — a 4.9 percent ABV, dry-hopped IPA. For those of you who haven’t read our New Cannabis Lexicon — which gathers 420-friendly terms new and old for the modern cannabis connoisseur — a pinner is a “tiny, thin joint low on marijuana content.”