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Oxygen is not only bad for wine, beer too

on 04/11/10 at 9:37 am


"Glacier Seal Cap" as a way to prevent oxygen from getting into the bottle. (Courtesy of Columbia Brewery)

Have you ever cracked open a beer that tastes like newspaper?

Not that newspaper isn’t, ahem, an acquired taste, and it is my favourite form of media.

But paper and ink bottled as a liquid? Maybe only for a very special occasion.

Like dessert. (I kid.)

That papery or cardboard-like flavour in the bottle is created by the oxidation of the beer, often from a lousy seal. Just like wine and food, too much oxygen destroys beer.

Any brewer worth his kettles will tell you this gas shouldn’t get past their seal because of the advances in technology for the “crown” (an industry term for bottle cap).

Take Columbia Brewery, for example. Earlier this year, the mountain-side brewery from Creston, B.C., released “Glacier Seal Cap” for Kokanee lager.

“Snow big deal,” you say. But actually, it is kinda cool.

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