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Party time! Here’s an app to help decide how much beer to order

on 14/06/11 at 1:29 pm


Planning a party and need help deciding how much (craft) beer to order? Short’s Brewing Co. has an app for that.

Are you planning a special event and need some help figuring out how much beer to plan for?

Well, the good folks at Short’s Brewing Co. have created a very handy tool for just that kind of brainteaser.
Their new app will help you calculate how much beer you need based on the total number of guests, percentage of guests who drink beer, and the number of drinks per person.

Their Beer Ordering Calculator will advise you how many 1/2 barrels, 1/4 barrels, 1/6 barrels, or 12 oz. cases you should plan for.

For example, say you are throwing a bash and invite say, 50 of your best friends. If you assume half of them drink beer and each drinks two, you should be able to getaway with:

• 0.40 1/2 barrels

• 0.81 1/4 barrels

• 1.21 1/6 barrels

or 1.56 cases (24 – 12 oz. bottles)

It’s probably best to round up or even pad it a little (good craft beer tends to runs out fast). I also briefly tested this on my smartphone and it worked pretty well with my browser — in case you need to recalculate on the fly.

Give it a spin here.


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