Patronizing Molson Coors launches beer for women. As if.

on 07/11/10 at 10:30 am


Beer companies have long tried to get more women interested in their product so it is no surprise that Molson Coors – the brewing giant behind traditionally ‘bloke’ drinks such as Carling, Grolsch and Coors Light are trying to move into this market.

By the middle of next year, says Molson Coors UK chief executive Mark Hunter, the company will have launched ‘a specific range of beer for women’ – more details as to the actual product, such as name or flavour he would not give.

However what is surprising is the amount of time, effort and money Molson Coors is putting into this female-friendly project.

Kirsty McCready, in charge of commercial communications at Bittersweet Partnership, which is being launched by Molson Coors to try and solve the question of women’s relationship with beer, says that the company has talked to ‘thousands’ of women about what they look for in a drink, and why they might have previously avoided beer, plumping for wine or cocktails instead on a night out.

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