Pau Gasol appears in Spanish beer commercial

on 25/08/11 at 10:29 am


Only Lakers forward Pau Gasol could star in a beer commercial in which he’s kicking back and drinking a cold one.

That’s not just because Gasol’s a standup guy and has a wholesome reputation. In the U.S., beer commercials feature funny antics, beautiful women and the bottles themselves. Never do any of the actors, however, consume the alcohol. In Spain, well, they can (h/t to the Daily News’ Jill Painter for finding this).

But the appearance featuring Gasol and his brother Marc from the Memphis Grizzlies touting San Miguel definitely doesn”t represent your typical beer commercial. As shown at, the website for Spain’s largest newspaper, pictures of Gasol’s name and likeness on billboards and covers of newspapers in Spain flash on the screen as he expresses cliches in Spanish about his close relationship with his brother.

“To be honest, I can’t recall the number of times I’ve seen my name written everywhere, in all the colors, sizes and types you can imagine, but the one that makes me feel more proud is the name I see on the back of my brother’s jersey.”

SOURCE: Lakers blog LA Times

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