Peace, Love and CollaBEERation

on 08/10/10 at 8:04 pm


“Life and Limb. Collaborative Evil. Mutinous Battle Chai. Collaboration, Not Litigation! Sound familiar? If you’re a fan of collaboration beers, then you’ve most likely heard of at least one, if not all four. And, if you haven’t tasted a collaboration beer yet, you should head over to your closest better-beer store and find one to crack open while you learn what collaboration is all about…

Collaboration beers are born when two or more brewers from different breweries come together in some form or fashion and create a tasty brew. This “coming together” can happen when one brewery creates a beer with another brewery, when two or more brewers each make a batch from the same recipe but with their own flare, or even when a homebrewer is invited to brew some suds with a professional brewer.”

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