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Philly: Tweet your beer order at ballpark, man with cold beer comes running

on 29/04/11 at 1:09 pm


A CITIZENS Bank Park vendor is on Twitter. Tweet him during a game, and he’ll deliver a fresh beer to your seat.

Ladies and gentlemen: I present the first practical use of Twitter.

No more waiting for the beer man to finally wander down your aisle. No more hustling off to stand in line for half an inning. No more “Sorry, pal, I’m sold out.”

Thumb your section, row and seat numbers into your cellphone and, voilĂ , a cold Bud.

Bill “The Beerman” Watkins, 32, who goes by the handle @PhilsBeerman, is just getting up and running with his service. “I don’t know if it’ll bring that much more business,” he said, “but it should increase my visibility.”

The Twitter service is limited to Watkins’ territory in the right-field stands (sections 101-107, 201-211 and 301-310). And it’s not exactly personal service. When Watkins receives an order, he doesn’t automatically troop directly to your seat; but he does save a cold one for you and gets there ASAP.

“I’ll come running with a cold beer . . . and a friendly smile,” he promised.

{Full story via Philadelphia Daily News}

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