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PicoBrew Automates Home Beer Brewing Making It Easy Peasy

on 12/01/15 at 12:14 pm


indexAnd It’s A Great Excuse For CES Day Drinking!

If you’re a fan of craft beer, you might be tempted to try homebrewing — if only it wasn’t (to quote my colleague Ryan Lawler) “a pain in the ass.”

Startup PicoBew has built a machine called Zymatic that should make the process a lot easier, automating the brewing process and making it more consistent. PicoBrew’s Greg White even pitched it (half-jokingly, I think) as an “Internet of Beer” device: “The Internet of Things was so last week.”

“It’s all cloud based, too,” he said, adding, “We actually have recipe crafters, recipes libraries online. You pull recipes from the cloud to your machine. There’s a little bit of AI in the crafter, too, so it can solve your taste preferences, filling in ingredients. Every 60 seconds it’s dialing home telling us the health of your brew.”