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Pint Beer Glasses Suck. Here’s Why.

on 04/06/15 at 10:14 am


Beer-Glasses-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Full-labeledIf you’ve ever ordered a beer in public, there’s almost a 100% chance that you’ve been served your drink in a shaker glass, which we’ve been duped into calling a pint glass. And while those generic glasses are fine for serving water, they’re kind of the worst when it comes to beer. Here’s why.

1. They were never intended for beer
As the name suggests, shakers have been used behind the bar for more than a century to — yup! — shake cocktails. Thanks to their ubiquitous beginnings, easy stackability, and durable builds, the glasses were used for beer beginning in the post-Prohibition era when American beers were low-alcohol, bland lagers. The practice stuck, and now you get your craft beer in the same glass as your iced coffee.

2. They result in warm beer
The shape of a shaker forces you to grasp the beer with your palm. Your full, sweaty, stinky palm. Even when served colder than average, your body temperature will raise the temperature of your brew faster than you think.

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