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Pong Beer: The new brew designed for beer pong

on 21/02/12 at 12:31 pm


Marketing gimmick? Stroke of sweet genius? Either way, Pong Beer may be coming to a store near you.

“Behold, Pong Beer,” says Kim Bhasin at Business Insider. In case college kids don’t have enough options for cheap swill, a brewing company has designed a beer exclusively for beer pong. You know the game, where competitors loft ping-pong balls, preferably coated in the dust found under frat-house couches, into a pyramid of wide-mouth cups brimming with Keystone Light or Milwaukee’s Best. The company estimates that 50 percent of college students play beer pong, and that beer pong-related products have raked in $20 million in sales. Here, a guide to the latest in America’s favorite drinking game:

How is Pong Beer different from other beers?
Pong Beer’s principal distinction is the “Rack Pack,” a 30-pack of beer that comes with two ping-pong balls for the “low, low price of free,” says Nick Rallo at The Dallas Observer. Two 30-packs gets you a “Reload,” a convenient package of 16-ounce cups and four ping-pong balls.



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