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Ready for Vaginal Beer? No? Then maybe Belly Button Beer is for you.

on 02/05/16 at 11:00 am


bbbI understand that you have to stand out to get noticed so I suppose you have to give 7 Cent Brewery, a craft beer company based in Australia, props for making it into the headlines but, at what price? Eeewwww.

They tried but they have not outdone a British brewery that harvested yeast from a Czech model’s (of course!) vagina. This could have been an April Fool’s joke but, who knows. Oh boy, I can totally hear Beavis and Butthead grunting and laughing at this proving, once again, that men will be boys. For more ‘insight’, you can check out their video below.

The absolute best marketers at crazy marketing are the BrewDog lads whose brewery in Scotland is wildly successful. I’ve been following them since the beginning and they are bloody brilliant. They know how to be offensive, take things to the edge and be wildly funny in the process.

If you want to be rightfully offended, herewith, Bottled Instinct: Vaginal Beer, the beer you’ve been waiting for!