New Redesign Cuts Size Range For Heineken Beer Bottles

on 07/12/10 at 12:01 pm


Heineken is rolling out a new bottle design across the globe, cutting the number of sizes available, in an effort to achieve greater brand uniformity and streamline its supply chain.

The new Heineken beer bottles will be launched first in Western Europe early next year and across the rest of the world in 2011. They will come in 5 rather than 15 sizes as had previously been the case.

Efficiency and flexibility

A spokesperson for Heineken told this publication, that reducing the range of bottle sizes would ensure “better supply chain flexibility and efficiency”.

The spokesperson added: “One more reason for reducing the range of bottle sizes is to establish and standardise one global design so it is even more universally recognised and consistent.”

In design terms, the new bottles build on the design changes introduced for Heineken cans and glasses at the start of 2010. All include new sensory features such as embossing.

The new beer bottle design features a curved embossment on the neck and back, which is added to improve looks, give a pleasing feel and act as a stamp of quality and authenticity.

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