Royal Wedding By The Numbers: 100 Million Pints Of Beer

on 25/04/11 at 11:55 am


Booze News: And not one pint at the wedding!

The countdown is on quite literally for the Royal wedding and RadarOnline is bringing you all the final details – by numbers.

As we’ve previously reported, the price tag for the big day is estimated at $34 million.

But here are some other astounding figures, according to ABC News.

  • 100 million pints of beer are expected to be served in Brit pubs.
  • 5000 sequences of bells will ring out in celebration.
  • 1700 biscuits will be used to make Williams favorite childhood biscuit cake to be served at the luncheon reception.
  • 5000 police officers protect the royals, their guests and the crowds.
  • 187 groomed horses will march the bridal procession.
  • 35 bomb-sniffing dogs will check guests at the wedding.
  • 1 million people will travel to London to watch the royal parade.
  • 5,500 street parties will be held throughout the UK.
  • 28,000 wilting tulips that bloomed too early in the front gardens of Buckingham palace to be cut down and thrown away.

SOURCE: Radar Online

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