SAB South Africa starts using UV light in brewing process

on 08/03/11 at 8:05 am


SAB South Africa has begun using UV photo sterilisation to treat its sugar solutions, extending use of the technology in brewing beyond water purification.

The subsidiary of SAB Miller is using the light technology instead of heat to purify the dextrose sugar syrup solutions used to make its fruit alcohol brands at its Chamdor plant in Johannesburg

According to SurePure, the company behind the technology, SAB has achieved energy savings of 82 per cent compared to pasteurisation that used up high levels of energy heating up then cooling down solutions.

Potential roll-out

SAB is now looking at the possibility of using the UVC system from SurePure to reduce or replace the pasteurisation and sterile filtration of beer itself.

Parent company SAB Miller is also considering rolling out the technology at plants outside South Africa.

A spokesperson for SurePure said: “They will need to share their learnings internally, and then evaluate the benefits of installation or retro-fitting the technology on a site-by-site basis.”

UVC systems have been used for some time by brewers for water purification but SurePure claims that SAB is the first to use light for its brewing process.

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